In an industry not known for environmentally friendly practices, our goal is to have the least environmental impact as possible. Sometimes, as with our processless plates, it costs a bit more but in the long we feel it is worth it.

Here are some of the things we do to limit our environmental footprint:

  • CTP - No film means no film processors, which translates to less water consumption, less chemical consumption, no heavy metal waste.

  • Waterless - No dampening system results in an overall smaller chemical signature.

  • Processless Plates - No plate processors needed, film and plate processors can use over 5000 gallons of water each per year not to mention the chemicals used that must be disposed of.

  • Recycling - 100% of our paper and cardboard waste is recycled.

  • Recycled Paper - Use of recycled paper is encouraged by discounting these stocks during quoting.