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  • The Kongsberg V is a cutting table that stands for value, durability, reliability, precision and ease of use at an attractive investment level.

    The Kongsberg V cutters come in standard configurations for sample making, signage and display production. The Kongsberg V offers a broad selection of tools, providing quality results on a wide range of cutting, creasing, and plotting tasks. No matter what application, the Kongsberg V brings the value you are looking for.

    There are two kinds of Kongsberg V tables, each with their own strengths and range of applications.

    Kongsberg V for packaging sample making
    The Kongsberg V for packaging is a cutting table configured for sample making, short run production of mockups and other packaging specific applications. This table is outfitted with a FLEXIHead.

    Kongsberg V for signage and display production
    The Kongsberg V for signage and displays comes with a MultiCUT tool head offering milling productivity and a camera system.